Ramayana, the Divine Loophole

Ramayana – the Divine Loophole, by Sanjay Patel

ramayana book cover sanjay patel.jpg

Ramayana – the Divine Loophole, by Sanjay Patel is the new favourite bedtime story in my house.  This 2,500 year old Yoga Epic has all the elements to make it my three year olds favourite: Nine headed monsters, bad guys, swords, bows and arrows, massive battles, kidnappings, flying monkeys, friendly bears, courageous eagles, loyal friends, noble princes, beautiful princesses, weddings and a happy ending too.

Patel is an animator for Pixar and his graphic novel adaption of the ancient Hindu epic is utterly captivating.  The Ramayana is one of two great Indian epics, the other being the Mahabarata.  In its entirety, the Ramayana is over 24,000 verses long, (too long for this mama to read at bedtime) so 100 pages of witty text and cool graphics is a much better option.  Even in its greatly condensed version, the most valued characteristics of virtue, purity and loyalty are proudly displayed by the main characters Rama, Sita and Hanuman in this great Indian legend.  The illustrations are so sweet!  Every page is a visual masterpiece full of color, extraordinary detail and humour. 

If you are interested in deepening your knowledge of the ancient roots of yoga, then the Ramayana is an absolute must read.  I wish someone had given me this version a few months ago when I was buried in Ramayana literature for my Yoga Philosophy course!   And if you are fortunate enough to have little people in your life, then I highly recommend it for some bedtime reading.