You have an amazing energy, spirit, sense of grace and humour about you.  You're so real, approachable, and at once both light and deep.  It's infectious. And the extent to which you managed to create the kind of space where such a challenging group felt so much easier about being themselves in just a few days is astounding.  I hope you take some small pleasure in hearing that the impact you have had already on our group is profound.  I KNOW I'm not only speaking for myself when I say so ... I saw it on everyone's face today.

Adrianne, 200 Hour Living Yoga Program Graduate

Big call ahead - Nicky may be one of our fav instructors in Toronto. She is PHENOMENAL. As one of the co-owners of OG, this kiwi is articulate, chill, approachable, and she moves in a beautifully fluid way that many don’t master. Her technique is flawless and full of breath, meaning she injects subtle movement into every balance and posture.

Fit City Guide, 2019

Nicky, Celebrating your blazing heart and spirit and your new cycle on every level. You are a jewel in the heart of the goddess.  I love every cell of you.  May we always be connected through the heart.  

Shiva Rea

Dear Nicky,

I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed your workshop on the weekend. It was truly a wonderful experience and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

Your extremely kind words about also holding the space for mothers who have also had difficulties or loses was very impactful and, as you have personally experienced, a major part of the mothering journey. As someone who has grieved through two miscarriages as well, and hoping to goodness we don’t have to go through another, I was really touched by your inclusion of that reality in your dialogue. It was clear all of the women at all of our different life stages appreciated your candor and in depth sharing. 

You are an amazing teacher; the strength and ease in which you teach your students and the graciousness you radiate is contagious. I look forward to seeing you again and hope to join one of your pre-natal classes soon.

J, Pre Natal Teacher Training Graduate

One particularly quiet winter evening, under the moon kissed sky, I found myself softening into Savasana, all of a sudden feeling a warm blanket wrap itself around me. In reaction, I opened my eyes, tense body, ready to help ease this gesture. With one look from Nicky, I softened as she said, “let me tuck you in.”  This moment changed me. This moment softened me. This vulnerability is indicative of what is possible under the guidance of Nicky. There is a flow – a rhythm to the way Nicky teaches and moves bodies. Her presence is nurturing and powerful. I was fortunate enough to complete the Living Yoga Program under the leadership of Nicky, who opened our hearts and truly unified our group experience. Nicky’s presence to her students and keen ability to soften bodies into the flow of the practice is a true gift. It was such an honour to learn from Nicky; not only through her teachings, but seeing firsthand what it looks like to walk your talk. This has been one of the most profound lessons that Nicky has given me. 

Madeline Rundle, 200 Hour Living Yoga Program Graduate.