teacher training and events 2016 

Teaching Restorative Yoga

889 Yoga, November 26, 2016 at 889 Yoga

This program is a great combination of practice, group learning and hands on assisting and observing, powerpoint presentations, thai yoga massage, and theory. It will cover:

  •  The purpose of Restorative Yoga
  • Holding space for healing as a yoga teacher
  • Stress and what it is, the effects on the body
  • Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system
  • A full 90-minute restorative practice 
  • 6-8 Restorative postures learned in details with a lot of attention to reading bodies, using props, keeping people comfortable, and how to modify for physical limitations
  • A basic understanding of Ayurveda, the Chakras, and the Elements to help theme effective healing sessions
  • Hands-on assists and enhancements to offer students in Savasana, using Thai Yoga Massage techniques

*** Certificates will be issued and recognized by Yoga Alliance


Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training

October 15 & 15, 2016 at Downward Dog Yoga, Toronto

This 10 hour Prenatal yoga module will prepare yoga teachers to confidently assist pregnant students in regular classes, and teach an All Levels yoga class specifically tailored to pregnant women. Topics we will cover include:

- Anatomy and Physiology specific to pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period

- Contraindications, modifications and enhancements for key yoga poses for each trimester

- Pre natal sun salutations

- Visualizations, breath work and meditation for birth preparation

- Massage techniques for nurture and support

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What is Vinyasa? (Vinyasa Fundamentals Part 1 & 2)

Part 1: October 1-2, 2016

Part 2: October 22-23, 2016

Both held at 889 Yoga, Toronto

Let’s start at the very beginning.  This comprehensive introduction to vinyasa yoga clarifies many of the questions surrounding the practice of vinyasa flow yoga.  We delve into it’s ancient origins and trace it’s modern development.  The key aspects of the practice will be clearly explained including sun salutations, essential yoga postures, and the importance of breath.

·      Understanding the lineage and background of vinyasa flow yoga from tantra, through to the Krishnamacharya lineage, and its modern evolution

·      Surya Namaskar A and B, (Sun Salutation A and B) Classical Namaskar (Classical Sun Salutation).  How to practice, modify,  and teach them.

·      The basic standing and balancing postures - open and neutral hips – including anatomical focus and modifications for beginners

·      The basic seated and back-bending postures – including anatomical focus and modifications for beginners

·      Anatomy and importance of breath.  


Chakra Vinyasa

Nov 19-20, 2016

889 Yoga, Toronto

 We are so much more than just muscles, bones and skin.  Learn about our subtle anatomy, the energy body, as discovered thousands of years ago by the ancient yogis. We learn a new language to explain the things that we can’t necessarily see, but can feel in our bodies, and in our hearts.  These ideas are bought to life in this dynamic workshop through  modern vinyasa practice. 

·      The seven Chakras (psycho-spiritual centres) and the Nadis (rivers of energy) in the subtle body 

·      Psychology of the Chakras and understanding ourselves through subtle body maps

·      Chakra Vinyasa yoga sequences

·      The Panca Vayus (five winds) and intuitive alignment.

·      Exploration of various Pranayama  (breath practices)

·      Safe inversions for all levels of students

·      Empowering core work for stability and strength

·      Bija Mantra for chakra meditation

·      Artistic expression and creative projects

Enhancements and Assists


Jan 7 & 8, 2017

889 Yoga

Learn how to enhance and assist yoga postures through mindful touch, effective use of props, and simple ayurvedic massage techniques. 

·      Effective use of props including blocks, blankets, straps, bolsters, balls and the wall to support students in key postures

·      Practical hands on assists and enhancements in essential yoga poses

·      Marma Points (ayurvedic acupressure massage points)

·      How to assist safely during a led yoga class

·      The ethics of touch, and how to read subtle feedback from students

·      Considerations and modifications for working with pre-natal students

·      Postural analysis and how this impacts movement and range of motion

·      Common body limitations in students and how to help them with simple yoga therapy techniques



Sadhana – Falling in love with your personal yoga practice

Jan 28 & 29, 2017

889 Yoga

 Learn how to develop, maintain and adapt your own personal yoga practice to support yourself through your life cycle.  Re-ignite your love of yoga with this soulful weekend which is all about YOU.

·      Understanding your unique constitution through the lens of Ayurveda and what type of practice works best for you

·      Developing a healing and sustainable yoga practice, and how this changes over ones life cycle

·      Ritual, intention and creating sacred space

·      The moon cycle, and daily rhythm.  How to fit your practice into your day.

·      Devotion in motion.  Yoga as Prayer.

·      How to start and maintain a self practice that you love

·      Developing a personal practice journal

·      Overcoming plateaus and boredom in your practice

·      Notation skills, templates and sequence planning

·      Assessment skills and planning when working with private clients

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Voice, Touch, Integrity + Embodiment - The Art of Teaching

yogini disciple.jpg

Jan 21 & 22, 2017, 

889 Yoga

A practical, hands on workshop to develop and refine your teaching skills.   Face your fears and learn to be a better teacher!

·      Three part verbal cues for teaching asana

·      Projection, pronunciation and clarity  of voice

·      Effective demonstrations in the yoga classroom

·      Classroom set up and creating a container of safety

·      Peer led teaching practice

·      Teach a one hour yoga class with personal written critique of the experience

·      Assisting and observing three 889 yoga classes

·      Developing a personal code of ethics

·      Practical tips on how to start teaching


The art of sequencing



December 3 - 4, 2016 at 889 Yoga, Toronto

(As part of the 889 Living Yoga Program)


 A vinyasa flow class is a ritual – a moving meditation.  Learn the key components of a vinyasa flow class, how to sequence effectively and creatively, and how to access that crucial ‘flow’ state.  

·      The ritual of a vinyasa flow class

·      Key components of a vinyasa flow class:  movement meditations, namaskars (sun salutations), core stability and strengthening, standing and balancing postures, seated postures, backbends, inversions, pranayama, meditation, mudra, savasana

·      Logical sequencing towards a peak posture

·      Effective opening and closing sequences for yoga classes

·      Vinyasa Krama – how to safely teach an all levels yoga class with modifications and assists

·      Music, poetry and thematic enhancements for vinyasa flow classes

·      The psychology of Flow, and how to bring students into a flow state